President and Medical Director of the Angiogenesis Foundation Dr. William Li will serve as co-chair of the Summit for Perfusion Imaging and Excellence in Surgery (iSPIES). The summit strives to help clinicians better understand the role of fluorescence imaging in the assessment of blood flow in vessels and tissue perfusion during a variety of open and laparoscopic procedures.

iSPIES will commence on February 7th in Miami, Florida. The goal of the summit is to allow clinicians from across the United States to see the advantages of fluorescence imaging as well as the difference between this process and traditional perfusion assessment techniques. As co-chair, Dr. Li will open the summit with a presentation, titled “Angiogenesis and Fluorescence Microangiography in Tissue Repair.” In addition to presenting, Dr. Li will serve as a moderator for the Wound Care Track of the summit.

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