Our History


Rethinking Health at TED2017

Dr. William Li presented new concepts in health designed to challenge our current beliefs and reframe our understanding of what it means to be healthy.

Vision Narratives

Launched video interview series called the Vision Narratives featuring interviews with patients, leading retina specialists and clinicians who share how people can protect their vision.


Partnership with Thrive Global

Launched partnership with Arianna Huffington’s wellness platform Thrive Global to share the latest news on angiogenesis-based dietary and lifestyle prevention.

Sir Roger Moore Appears at Vision Summit

Special guest Sir Roger Moore shares his experiences with eye disease at the Foundation’s world summit on vision treatments in Nice, France.

Mobile App for Vision Loss Prevention

Developed the first mobile application OPSIA designed to simulate vision loss from diabetic eye disease to encourage preventative screening and early intervention.

Presentation of World Health Dietary Guidelines to the Vatican

Dr.  William Li presented revolutionary dietary health framework to the Vatican with recommendations to improve global health. Special guest The Edge (longtime Angiogenesis Foundation Board Member) gave special performance.


Paris World Food and Health Summit

Convened Paris World Summit on Food and Health with the World Health Organization and global stakeholders.

Dr. Vincent Li TEDX Talk

Dr. Vincent Li delivered influential TEDx Talk that gave people simple DIY health hacks based on angiogenesis.

World Congress on Angiogenesis

Convened the world’s first World Congress on Angiogenesis with experts across oncology, ophthalmology and wound care.


Broccoli and Cancer Study

First to discover the cancer-fighting potency of broccoli is equivalent to a prominent cancer drug.


Kidney Cancer Better Patient Outcomes

Convened expert summit on kidney cancer and published a white paper to improve patient outcomes.

White House Collaboration

Collaboration with the White House on angiogenesis food recommendations for better public health.


Colorectal Cancer Better Patient Outcomes

Convened expert summits on colorectal cancer in Berlin and Washington, D.C., to improve patient outcomes.

World Summit on Age-Related Macular Degeneration

Convened the world’s first expert summit on age-related macular degeneration in Berlin bringing together leading eye disease experts and publishing recommendations for actions.

Tomato Lycopene Study

First study ranking tomatoes based on their lycopene concentration and disease-fighting attributes.

Collaboration with General Mills

Collaboration with General Mills to discover the angiogenesis properties of grains.


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‘Eat to Beat’ Virtual Cancer Community

Launched a virtual cancer community called ‘Eat to Beat’ where people can find lifesaving information about how to use food to fight cancer.

Invented First Angiogenesis Tea

Invented first angiogenesis tea with Harney & Sons to more effectively deliver tea’s natural disease-fighting attributes.


Wine Varietal Scoring by Health Benefit

First to profile angiogenesis activity in red grapes and rank red wine varietals according to the potency of polyphenols.


Partnership with Boston University Medical School

Partnership with Boston University Medical School to deliver angiogenesis-based medical education to physicians.


Better Adoption of New Treatments

National study to better understand why doctors are slow to adopt new treatments.

Dr. William Li TED Talk

Dr. William Li delivered seminal TED Talk “Can We Eat to Starve Cancer?” seen by more than 9 million people.


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Invention for Skin Cancer

Invented a combinatory topical therapy that is 100% effective in curing a type of skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma.

Collaboration with Wolfgang Puck

Collaboration with Wolfgang Puck to create anti-angiogenic menus at his world-renowned restaurant Spago.


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NIH Collaboration

Collaborated with the NIH to uncover angiogenesis-based bioactivity in fruits and vegetables.

First Angiogenesis Biomarker

Discovered the first biomarker using platelet proteome for dietary angiogenesis.


Animal Cancer Protocol Featured in USA Today

Pivotal animal cancer protocol highlighted by USA Today for its ability to save the lives of dogs with cancer.


Speeding Cancer Drugs

Convened leaders in oncology to speed the development of cancer drugs at the American Society of Clinical Oncology.


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First Testing System for Anti-Angiogenic Drugs

Collaboration with the National Cancer Institute to create the first definitive testing system for anti-angiogenic cancer drugs.

Clinical Trials Databank

Established the first global clinical trials databank called Angiotracker to increase patient access to angiogenesis-based medicine.

TIME Magazine Feature on Future of Cancer

Featured in a pivotal TIME magazine feature on the future of cancer. (Cancer: The Hope and The Hype)


Wound Healing

Helped develop the first blood vessel stimulating treatment to help heal diabetic wounds and prevent amputation.


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Health Benefits of Soy

First to identify angiogenesis activity in soy.

NATO Collaboration

Collaboration with NATO to design world’s first angiogenesis policy initiative.

World’s First Cancer Patient Virtual Network

Established the world’s first cancer patient virtual network aimed to increase access to angiogenesis-based therapies.


The Angiogenesis Foundation Established

In 1994, a group of physicians and scientists shared a vision that angiogenesis-based therapy could conquer the major diseases of our time. They established the Angiogenesis Foundation and set out to make the vision of angiogenesis-based treatment and prevention a reality.