Focus on Advocacy

Advocating for improved clinical outcomes is a priority for the Angiogenesis Foundation. Generating awareness, accurate understanding, and differentiation between new and pre-existing treatments are critical elements for improving the quality of healthcare worldwide. The Foundation works by bringing together key stakeholders to jointly define the challenges facing treatment at the level of access, then identifying the barriers to modern care, prioritizing those that can be effectively addressed, and then road mapping specific actions to take that will make innovative and validated treatments available to patients.

To these ends, the Foundation leverages its third party position, expertise, networks, and distribution channels to: establish awareness about specific diseases and unmet needs; discuss the data supporting the value of emerging validated treatments; identify methods to optimize care pathways.

The Foundation’s advocacy initiatives have focused on engaging and delivering key messages to:

  • National Health Authorities and Payers
  • Technology assessment organizations
  • Disease-based advocacy organizations
  • Clinical investigators
  • Community practice leaders
  • Influential journalists
  • Patients and their caregivers