Reach and Audience

The Angiogenesis Foundation’s core competencies include: 1) third party objectivity; 2) deep scientific and clinical knowledge of angiogenesis and its role in disease pathology and disease management; 3) multi-disciplinary expertise; 4) demonstrated strategic advocacy capabilities; and 5) global networks of patients, healthcare professionals, researchers, health policymakers, and advocates.

Today, the Foundation’s programs utilize live events, traditional and new media, web platforms, and multimedia channels, and are conducted across North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Australia. As an active member of the Clinton Global Initiative, the Foundation’s commitment to lower the global burden of disease starting with cancer has impacted more than 32 million people across 148 countries since 2010. In 2012, the Foundation was recognized by President Bill Clinton for its advocacy achievements.


The Angiogenesis Foundation’s impact extends across a broad expanse of stakeholders through multiple channels:

  • Total reach in 2012: 27,731,000 individuals.
  • Channels used to reach audiences include: websites (.org), blogs, Facebook, Twitter, TED, television broadcast (The Dr. Oz Show, The Martha Stewart Show), satellite radio, print media, exhibits and presentations at conferences (ASCO, AACR, etc.), Clinton Global Initiative, advocacy networks, and through >300 expert faculty members in academia, government, and industry.
  • 113,000 website users, 30% referred from, 10% referred from Facebook.
  • 24,000 oncologists in Angiogenesis Foundation network.
  • 14,500 registered members representing the public intertested in cancer from 59 countries
  • All 50 states are represented in the U.S.
  • 89% either have cancer, are at high risk, or know someone close who has cancer.
  • 42% report existing organizations and resources don’t adequately meet their information needs related to cancer.
  • 84% report some change in behavior or action taken based on information provided by the Angiogenesis Foundation.
  • 56% report they have shared information with > 3 people in their community.
  • International activities reach health decision makers in Europe, Australia, Latin America, and Asia Pacific countries.
  • Foundation representatives have testified on disease treatment, prevention and quality of life issues before the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), and on Capitol Hill.

Will on TV

Pictured above, discover the foods that can help starve cancer with Dr. William Li, appearing with Martha Stewart on her show. Dr. Li also delivers the message of Eat to Beat Cancer with Dr. Oz, inspiring people to eat foods that fight cancer every day.

Using Our Network – Helping Patients by Improving Their Doctors’ Knowledge

The Angiogenesis Foundation possesses a network of 31,645 healthcare providers:

Oncologists: 9,146
• 8371 MDs; 160 DOs; 46 RNs; 570 Allied

Cardiologists: 9,813
• 7975 MD, 362 DO, 236 Nurse, 234 Allied

Dermatologists: 5,532
• 1021 MDs; 35 DOs; 3 Nurses; 4,473 Allied

Family Practice: 6,240
• 4,819 FMs; 1,421 FP

Wound Care Providers: 914
• 311 MDs; 254 DPMs; 104 PT; 119 RNs; 97 Allied

The Angiogenesis Foundation has an online audience in over 180 countries.


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