Groundbreaking scientific dietary data impacting health and the body’s defense systems to be presented

CAMBRIDGE, MA — The Angiogenesis Foundation announced today its President and Medical Director, Dr. William Li, will present new groundbreaking scientific and public health data connecting diet with health and disease, at the first international Rethinking Cancer meeting to be held on 21 September, 2017, at the European Cancer Centre Gustave Roussy in Paris, France. Dr. Li’s talk will build upon concepts he previously presented at the Vatican, TED2017, and from ideas generated at the Angiogenesis Foundation’s 2015 World Food and Health Summit held in Paris.

Rethinking Cancer is the first international congress of its kind bringing together patients, scientists, and clinicians to discuss under-investigated areas of cancer research, particularly the critical role of diet in controlling cancer.

“It’s now possible to look deep within the human body to learn how the food we eat and beverages we drink impact our health at the cellular level,” said Dr. Li. “Our diet not only feeds our nutritional needs, but also impacts our microbiota, our circulatory system, and our immune system. We can use this kind of scientific knowledge to influence these defense systems and protect our health.”

Dr. Li will discuss how rigorous scientific methods are critical for researching the role of diet on health and disease, especially as it pertains to cancer prevention and cancer treatment.

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