The Angiogenesis Foundation takes a unique approach to achieving our mission to help people lead longer, better, and healthier lives. First, we have the expertise and invest the time and resources to deeply understand the complex needs of our multiple stakeholders, patients, doctors, scientists, industry, regulators, payors, policymakers, the financial community. We seek the input of our advisors, external scientific and medical experts, educators, and our networks of physicians, and patient advocates. We then design programs that best align these interests in ways that can measurably help us meet our mission to help improve patients lives through the angiogenesis field. Our program philosophy is that patients can achieve increasingly better outcomes when the needs of different groups involved in both developing and delivering treatment are met. Through this process, we fund programs that achieve specific well-defined goals.

Over the course of our organization’s history, the Foundation has been involved in many diverse, strategic programs tailored to the swiftly changing nature of scientific and medical research, the educational needs of the health care community, the evolving industry and regulatory and payer environments, and the impact of health care economics of actual health care itself. Our present programs are centered around: Outreach, Education, and Research.