Dr. William Li, President and Medical Director of the Angiogenesis Foundation, says more research needed to help us achieve healthy aging

CAMBRIDGE, MA – The Angiogenesis Foundation announced today that Dr. William Li, President and Medical Director of the Angiogenesis Foundation, gave a keynote address on healthy aging at the 14th Annual Global Conference on Ageing, “Towards a Decade of Healthy Ageing – From Evidence to Action,” held in Toronto, Canada, hosted by the International Federation on Ageing. In his keynote address, Dr. Li defined the future of healthy aging as one that is not coupled with the inevitably of disease. He introduced new ideas and strategies for how future research can help us achieve healthy aging.

The science of healthy aging and longevity is a key pillar of the Angiogenesis Foundation’s new global initiative called HealthXpedition™, announced by Dr. Li in April 2018 at the Vatican’s Unite to Cure conference. The HealthXpedition™ builds upon data presented in Dr. Li’s popular TED Talk.

“As part of the HealthXpedition™, the Angiogenesis Foundation is working to uncover the science behind healthy aging and how to make healthy aging the way of the future,” said Dr. Li. “Aging and disease are not inextricably linked. We can age in good health using the tools of modern science and medicine.”

Dr. Li also moderated a plenary session on vision health, “A Life Course Lens for Vision Health,” that included the influential panelists: Dr. Jane Barratt, Secretary General, International Federation on Ageing; Dr. John Beard, Director, Department of Ageing and Life Course, World Health Organization; Ms. Louise Gillis, President, Canadian Council of the Blind; and Dr. David Wong, Ophthalmologist in Chief, St. Michael’s Hospital.

The Angiogenesis Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) scientific organization that drives innovations in health promotion, disease prevention, and disease treatment through research, education, and advocacy. For more than a decade, the Foundation has conducted innovative research on the disease prevention.