Dr. William W. Li, M.D., president and medical director of The Angiogenesis Foundation, will address an international convention of clinical and research leaders in the field of diabetic foot treatment to discuss the latest approaches in the treatment of diabetic foot conditions at the Diabetic Foot Conference (DFCON) in Los Angeles.  Dr. Li will address the convention, offering insight into how angiogenesis can successfully address the problem of slowly healing diabetic foot wounds.  

DFCON is a international convergence of leading doctors, clinicians and researchers, dedicated to the treatment of diabetic foot conditions and amputation prevention. A debilitating side effect of the disease, diabetic patients have an impaired ability to heal wounds due to sensory nerve problems and difficulties growing new blood vessels (angiogenesis) during this healing process, which can often lead to amputation of the foot or larger portion of the lower leg.

Since 1997, The Angiogenesis Foundation has been actively involved with advancing the treatment of diabetic foot conditions through new modalities that actively promote angiogenesis. The Foundation is also promoting a new regenerative medicine approach using gene and cell therapies to boost the body’s own healing process as a method of saving the limb and improving quality of life.

For more information please visit: www.dfcon.com