Dr. Li, CEO of the Angiogenesis Foundation, will announce a new scientific approach to understanding the effects of diet on the body’s key defense systems

CAMBRIDGE, MA — The Angiogenesis Foundation announced today that CEO Dr. William Li will present a new scientific approach to understanding health at TED2017 on April 26, 2017, in Vancouver, BC. This 90-minute deep dive workshop will include new data from research led by Dr. Li as part of the Foundation’s new HealthXpedition initiative. The workshop builds upon advances Dr. Li was invited to present at the Vatican in 2016, and from ideas generated at the Foundation’s World Food and Health Summit held in Paris, France, in 2015. Dr. Li’s previous TED Talk ‘Can We Eat to Starve Cancer‘ has been viewed 11 million times.

“Good health is much more than the absence of disease. We are blazing a new path towards understanding how the body’s defense systems orchestrate our health,” said Dr. Li. “It will take bold ideas to transform global thinking on health. It’s time to rethink health itself, not just healthcare.”

Dr. Li’s TED workshop ‘Rethinking Health’ will discuss how many popular beliefs about health are not based on facts. Instead, he will present a new perspective on optimizing health rooted in our innate defense systems: circulation, immunity, stem cells, DNA repair mechanisms, and the microbiome. “Each of these systems can be impacted by choices individuals make on a daily basis, particularly by what we eat and drink, and by our lifestyles,” said Dr. Li.

Through interactive, sensory experiences at the workshop, Dr. Li will discuss how simple actions supported by scientific, clinical, and public health research can positively influence health and wellbeing. Dr. Li will show how science and taste can come together in unexpected ways in the generation of healthier foods through a pilot creative collaboration between the Angiogenesis Foundation and Vosges Haut-Chocolat.

The Angiogenesis Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) third-party scientific organization that drives innovations in health promotion, disease prevention, and treatment through research, education, and advocacy. For more than two decades, the Foundation has helped educate the public and healthcare professionals about new approaches to conquering diseases ranging from cancer to vision loss to chronic wounds. In its third decade, the Foundation is now blazing new pathways by catalyzing collaborations across disciplines ranging from food and life sciences, metabolism, precision health, genomics, microbiomics, bioinformatics, preventative medicine, nutrition, and technology. The Foundation’s goal is to ignite a paradigm shift in global health rooted in disease prevention and the innate power of our diet. To learn more about the Angiogenesis Foundation, please visit angio.org.


Established in 1994, the Angiogenesis Foundation’s mission is to improve global health through angiogenesis-based treatment and prevention. For more information, visit angio.org.